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Collage Couture

Fashion is constantly reinventing itself while also drawing from the endless diversity of the past. Add in a constant stream of new ideas, and surprising trends are born. Derek Gores takes a similar approach. For his extraordinary collages, which quote from fashion photography, he uses mosaic pieces cut from different fashion magazines.

Gores takes – often literally – the written and illustrated out of context in order to express something new. Incredible faces and female figures emerge from the countless individual pieces. At the same time, every movement is perfectly recreated, every detail clearly recognisable. What sets his work apart is its esprit and liveliness.


Born in New York in 1971, Derek Gores began to experiment with newspaper clippings at the age of 17. Now he does not only create fascinating collages with a very unique aesthetic, he also often consciously uses snippets of articles that contrast with what the image expresses.

The material is not the only thing that is multi-faceted in the collages, but also the levels of textuality. Gores creates authentic experiences, rather than just making pictures of experiences. His role models include artists such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Max Ernst. After finishing his studies at the Rhode Island School of Design, Derek Gores now lives and works in Melbourne, Florida.


For his collages, Derek Gores uses scraps of magazines, documents, logos, and found objects from the digital realm. The artist describes his technique as an intense emotional moment, in which he gives his creativity free reign. He connects memories and thoughts with smirking details, confidently affixing paper to canvas to make perfect artistic compositions. Creative vitality adheres to his art, making it irresistibly fascinating.

Most of my pictures are of beauty, but beauty built of chaos and mess and discord.
Derek Gores
1971Born in New York, USA
1993Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design, USA

Solo Exposiciones (Selección)

2011Select fair at Art Basel Miami, USA
Collage Europe! EGAD Art Lab, Melbourne, Florida, USA
Collage Couture, Baisden Gallery, Tampa, USA
2010Torn, Baisden Gallery, Tampa, USA
This is the sea, Slow Gallery, Melbourne, Florida, USA
Blank space gallery, Torn, Orlando, USA
2009Motorcycle: Art on the Road to Good and Evil, Deland Museum of Florida Art, USA
"1" Group Exhibition, Slow Gallery, Melbourne, Florida, USA
Torn, 321 Agency, Melbourne, Florida, USA

Exposiciones colectivas (Selección)

2013Gonzo, with TAG Galleries, Baltimore, USA
Vanguard, Thinkspace Gallery, USA
2012Wild at heart, Thinkspace Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
Synergy, Thinkspace Gallery/Spoke Art San Francisco, USA
2011Torn and Tattered, 3 person show, Thinkspace gallery, USA
Lax/PDX at Together gallery, Portland, Oregon, USA
Torn, Elliott Fouts Gallery, Sacramento, USA
Chemistry, Egad! Art Lab, Melbourne, USA
2010Robot Love, Brevard Art Museum, Melbourne, USA
London Miles Gallery, 40. London, UK
Love Conquers All, Thinkspace, USA
Re:form School produced by REDU, New York City, USA
Thinkspace 5th Anniversary Show, USA
Elliot Fouts Gallery, group invitational, Sacramento, USA
Gallery Provocateur, Chicago, USA
Manifest Equality, group show by Yosi Sergant and Apple Via, USA
2009Parlor gallery Memento Mori, Asbury Park, USA
Déjà vu, Slow gallery, Melbourne, USA
Manifest Hope, Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC, USA
2008Sublime of the Times, Melbourne, USA
The Fine Line, 321 Agency, Melbourne, USA
2007Urban Supervision, Imago Gallery, Melbourne, USA

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