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View on Colour / Lumières Vives

In her work, Beatrice Hug leads us into the world of dreams. Fantasies become sensory experiences. A photographer who also studied painting, Hug understands colours as energy, as the expression of an emotion. View on Colour is not just a look into one artist’s colourful universe; it is a glimpse of something entirely new. In her series Lumières Vives as well, Hug vividly shows how colours come to life in the light.

Hug creates translucent images, in which the sun makes certain colours shine. Her photographs reveal brightly coloured sections of these compositions which affect the viewer in an extraordinary way. Beatrice Hug knows which colours bring out the particularly powerful feelings and energies inside of us. Her intensely colourful work lets us drift along in pursuit of our emotions and memories.


Beatrice hug was born in 1961 in Singen, near the southern German border. Due to her proximity to the border triangle, she was more or less destined to develop a love of France. A few years after studying painting and photography in Aachen, she made Paris her new home. She still lives as a freelance artist in the French capital.


Beatrice Hug’s abstract photographs have entirely “real” origins. They are coloured glasses and liquids arranged as spatial still lifes: installations with labyrinthine and translucent textures. With her medium format camera, a Pentax 6x7, the artist captures the interplay between the light and the particularly thrilling waves of colour that take form in the sun’s rays. With a shallow depth of field and varied exposure times, she creates images reminiscent of abstract and expressionistic paintings.

The energy of colours is my true passion.
Beatrice Hug
1961Born in Singen, Germany
1981-1985Studied Painting, Photography, and Illustration at Aachen University of Applied Sciences
1985-1991Editorial staff at German Vogue and Elle
1992-2005Freelance Art Director in Paris for the conception and realization of photo productions for international fashion magazines

Solo Exposiciones (Selección)

2010Beatrice Hug, 7,24 x 0,26 Pier Giuseppe Moroni Gallery, Milan, Italy
2009Color Unlimited – Fotografien von Beatrice Hug, Kunstforum Büsingen, Switzerland
2006Abstractions, Galerie UNIVER, Paris, France
Lumieres Vives, Connoisseur's Gallery, Paris, France
2005Urban, Germany
Reflets, Espace 43, Paris, France
2004Urban, Atelier Galerie Le5, Paris, France
Beatrice Hug - Photographie, L’Aiguillage galerie, Paris, France
Parfum, Atelier Galerie Le5, Paris, France
Colour Light, Espace J&J, Paris, France
2003Elementar, Studio Zero, Paris, France
2002Elementar, Förderkreis Kunst & Kultur, Hilzingen, Germany

Exposiciones colectivas (Selección)

201327. Große Kunstausstellung, Förderkreis Kunst & Kultur, Hilzingen, Germany
Aachens heiße Quellen und die Künstler, Kulturwerk Aachen, Germany
2007Galerie ARTCURIAL, Paris
2006Fragments de Nature, Galerie UNIVER, Paris, France
Color Summer, Young Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
200519. Große Kunstausstellung 2005, Hilzingen, Germany
Parfum, Atelier Galerie "Le 5", Paris, France
200318. Große Kunstausstellung 2003, Hilzingen, Germany
2002Moemoea, Atelier Galerie Le5, Paris, France
200117.Große Kunstausstellung 2001, Hilzingen, Germany

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